I take your picture, you get jobs.


Diana Lundin is a Los Angeles photographer who is passionate about creating the perfect actor’s headshot or business portrait.

Whether you need a headshot for print, casting sites, corporate web sites, LinkedIn or Facebook, Diana has the skills to make you look your best and capture the attention you want — in the right way.

She is happy working with young acting students to make headshots that will help them book their first jobs. She also works with musicians in studio to make images that recall the atmosphere of their recording sessions.

While Diana is adept at using studio lighting, she prefers creating headshots and portraits with natural light.

You can see a selection of her work at Diana Lundin Headshots.

In addition to headshots, she creates family photography and images for couples through a project called “Beloved.” “Beloved” is a photographic experience for couples wishing to celebrate the dynamics of their relationship beyond their engagements and weddings.  She welcomes the celebration of all relationships, gay, straight, or even the special bond between owners and their animals. Her other web site is Diana Lundin Photography.

Her team includes Vicki Torres, head sherpa and reflector expert, and Amanda Martinez, an extraordinary makeup artist who gives you the expert headshot look while putting you at ease while she applies your makeup.

To book a session, please contact Diana at diana@dianalundin.com or call 818.481.5214.


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