I take your picture, you get jobs.

New Headshot Postcard

I wanted to update my headshot photography postcard to reflect some of the work I’ve been doing lately. A couple of the headshots were taken in November, three were taken in February, and one was taken last Friday. So really fresh! What I like about this card, first of all, are the expressions on these young actors. I like the full smiles, the half smiles, the no smiles. I also like the color tones. Everything is beige, blue, brown and black. I think it makes it look really clean. The thing is? Happy accident. I guess if I had seen someone in, say, a green jacket, I might have noticed it stood out. But all the colors meld together and it looks very soothing. Anyway, just a short little post to show off my new postcard.


Oh, the actors? Danielle Stritmatter, Joshua Chang, Arthur Bizgu, Gabriella Nejman, Marcus Ajose and Isabel Macmaster. Good luck, you all!

headshots copy


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