I take your picture, you get jobs.

Not Exactly Headshots…

My most recent photo shoot was an interesting one. It actually wasn’t a headshot session, it was a contemporary portrait session in which we took four “ordinary” women (I say “ordinary” because the truth is, we are all ordinary and extraordinary at once), gave them the same hair and makeup treatment as your average actress gets during a photo shoot and we had our own editorial style shoot.

The idea behind this shoot was to have images that you might see in a magazine, such as Vanity Fair or something like that. We wanted a transformation, one that came about from hair, makeup and lighting. These are all natural light images, every single one of them, which is how I prefer to shoot my headshots.

I worked with my usual headshot team to create these. And it was a blast! Especially since the ladies partook in a little bubbly to make it that much better. Needless to say, they were all very pleased — and surprised — at the results of their session. I’m going to show you a little gallery of images from the shoot and the before and afters.

And yes, absolutely, some of them can be used as headshots. They already are!


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