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The Morse Codes

OK, this next series of images is not from a headshot session, it’s from a recording session. And I loved taking these pictures! I’ve never witnessed a song being recorded and my great friend Chris Potter, who is the mastermind behind The Morse Codes (and that is no offense to the lovely and talented Rebecca Young who provides the awesome vocals!), invited me to the Stagg Studios for the laying down of the tracks of “All the Right Reasons.”

“All the Right Reasons” has an illustrious history. A version of it, with only Rebecca singing (this latter recording would be a duet), can be heard in the French film “L’ArnaCoeur” or “Heartbreaker.” It’s a song that’s always gotten a lot of attention and that’s before it’s been properly recorded.

In any event, I ran down to the Van Nuys studio just as Jorge, the drummer, was going through his part. It was really interesting watching Chris and Ethan Carlson, the producer, comment on what they were hearing. As someone who knows nothing about the nuances of music, I heard drumbeats while they heard every little detail and knew how to change things to exactly what they wanted. In succession, we hear Dylan on bass and Brett on guitar. Completely fascinating watching and listening to these talented men.

And then Rebecca came for her vocals. It was just so interesting! And Chris with his vocals, making it a duet.

As always, I tell you a little something about the images I take and what I’m doing. Stagg Studios is interesting because it is a really old school recording studio… a lot of analog equipment… just something that’s been around for a long time and has been the scene of a lot of recordings from very famous musicians. But it’s also the darkest den you’ve even been in. For a photographer, that is completely no bueno. So I cranked up the ISO on the camera — that makes it more light sensitive — then battled the fluorescent lighting. In the end, I decided to convert it to grainy black and white, which I think is absolutely fitting for the session.

I’ll let you know when the song is available on iTunes. In the meantime, get a taste of it by renting “Heartbreaker.” It’s a charming film.

UPDATE: “All the Right Reasons” is now out on iTunes!

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One response

  1. Doug Probst

    Love the recording session shots Diana. Sean Patrick and I have a 2nd rehearsal session with the “band” members next week. Once I am convinced they are committed to long term success (a career) – let’s get some shots in the Rehearsal Room. I also want to introduce you to Ritch Esra soon.
    Doug Probst

    July 30, 2012 at 5:34 pm

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