I take your picture, you get jobs.

Joanne Wells

So I keep telling you I’m a natural light shooter. And I am. But yesterday we had a shoot scheduled for 3 in the afternoon. We usually shoot in the morning and know exactly where the sun is going to navigate throughout the time we are photographing, and then adapt accordingly. But 3… we never shoot at 3! And now that we are at the brink of fall, the light is changing so much faster. Hmmm… our back yard was in the shade. What to do? Okay, I am a natural light shooter but no problem… I have tons of studio lights as well. So we ended up using one light with a softbox as they key light, a couple of reflectors for fill, and a light with a grid to put just a kiss of light on the hair. I usually don’t use any kind of hair lights on headshots because I want to direct focus on the eyes and in many cases, hair light can be just so pretty it distracts from the eyes. I save hair lighting for portraits. But Joanne’s headshot is for a business web site and so we could bend our rules a little bit. If we shot in natural light, she would have been dull and washed out with weak catchlights in her eyes but with our pop of lights, her skin tone looks vibrant.

We did use our grunged out warehouse backdrop, which was a lot of fun. Joanne picked it out herself and it worked perfectly with what she’s wearing. That’s what’s nice about these backdrops… they provide a hint of interest but you can’t really tell what they are. She and I both agreed we loathe the Old Masters type of backdrops. This is a little different and as far from Old Masters as you can get.

Joanne looks positively gorgeous!


One response

  1. Gorgeous shot, Diana! I love the light on her hair, but her hair isn’t the first thing I see. I’m immediately drawn to her beautiful eyes.

    September 4, 2011 at 7:53 pm

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