I take your picture, you get jobs.

Destini Willan

I actually shot Destini a couple of months ago and as busy as she has been, she has just now gotten around to making her selects. Destini is a cool blond from Canada. She’s the perfect girl next door, young mom, girlfriend… a lot of different parts for Destini.

In order to get that young mom look, we had to raid my closet! I looked at her coloring and her eyes and I thought, I have the perfect sweater that shows that side of her. A turquoise cable-knit cardigan. Yeah, that’s it!

Now the thing is, you don’t want to wear costumes to your headshot session. If you want to play a doctor, don’t show up with a lab coat and scrubs… you just want your wardrobe to reflect the somberness or lightness of the parts you’re going for. Your face — and eyes — need to do the heavy lifting. But a little touch of the right wardrobe works wonders.

Again, thanks to Amanda Martinez of Amanda Rose Makeup for making her look picture perfect!


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