I take your picture, you get jobs.

Macleish Day

It was another blistering July day when Macleish Day stopped by for some new headshots. What a great guy.  In the entertainment business since he was 2, Macleish was up for trying anything. This Colorado native definitely can have that brooding air but he also has a winning smile that just lights up a room. He has an incredibly handsome widow’s peak that makes me see vampire roles in his future. But not the Bela Lugosi bloodsucker… more the modern kind, a sensitive Edward Cullen of “Twilight” type. Yeah. That’s it. He’s been told he has that Christian Bale look. I see that, too.

So here’s just one from our shoot. We shot about 600 images out there in that heat. But Macleish, a great sport, said he didn’t mind suffering for his art a bit. I think he looks great!

Oh, one fun thing. Macleish brought his iPad so he could listen to his own tunes. I totally support that! If you bring your iPhone or iPod, I’ve got some speakers I can hook you up with. While I have what I think is a great collection of music, I’d love to hear yours, too. And if it makes you feel more comfortable, well of course you can bring it. Rock on!


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