I take your picture, you get jobs.


Ah, where to start? Been a busy week, mostly processing other headshot shoots. But today we had one, our first child headshot. It was brutal. Why? Heat. Our subject was an angel. She wants her own show on the Food Network. I want her to have one. But the heat on the first day of the long Fourth of July weekend was simply cruel to our blue-eyed subject. She couldn’t keep her beautiful blue eyes open, bless her little soul. It was not only hot, it was bright. Of course. The valley in summer.

This image is one of a few that I think work. Her eyes are so much more brilliant than this one shows. We do have images of her with her eyes more open. And eyes are everything when it comes to headshots.

Here’s the thing. Blue-eyed people have such a tougher time in the sun than brown-eyed people. I’m brown-eyed but I totally sympathize with my subjects. But eyes are everything in a headshot. We’ll get it right.


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