I take your picture, you get jobs.

Julia Kostenevich

Aspiring actress Julia is a blond, blue-eyed beauty from Moscow. We had a great, though challenging session at my house this weekend. Challenging, I say, because the summer afternoon light was so intense, Vicki and I had to spend a lot of time wrestling it into submission to get our trademark smooth, natural light while Julia was getting her makeup done by Amanda.

The color image is toward the end of the session when Julia’s eye makeup was a little more intense… smokier… than her earlier more natural look. I love it. Julia does, too. It’s already her new profile picture on Facebook. But the black and white image? As I mentioned, Julia is from Moscow. She really wanted me to take this picture. She said headshots are an unknown quantity in Russia but this… with her hair adorned just so and a sculptural black gown… this is what they want. And in black and white, please. Happy to oblige, but I told her… for your eyes only. “For mine and half of Moscow,” she says. And let me reiterate… this is not a Hollywood headshot. But I find Julia utterly charming and if she wants this image, here it is.

By the way, we have been having so much success with the June gloom cloud cover in the morning, we just thought it would never end. It ended. We created a light tent outside that mimics the cloud cover so that we could get that beautiful diffused light and then shape it with our reflectors. Natural light with a backdrop. That’s what we do.


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