I take your picture, you get jobs.

Jerome LeBlanc

I like Jerome a lot. This guy has some moves. He’s a young actor who knows exactly what he’s looking for in a headshot. He pointed me to his imdb page so I could see what kind of photography had been done before. Clearly a Tom Cruise lookalike, Jerome isn’t going to let any kind of typecasting stand in his way.

He wants to play everything available in his range and so when he came to me, he was specific. He had some gaps in his headshots and he wanted to fill them. One minute his hair was up and he was serious. The next it was down and he was grinning. He had a lot of tools to pull out. Although these two images show almost the same sly smile, he had a lot more colors in his crayon box to choose from. We had a lot of fun shooting because he was himself but he always had a character goal in mind.

After our shoot, I sent Jerome the picture on the right and he liked it. “Thank you for this picture. I really like it. I loved your professionalism. It’s really appreciated. I’m looking forward working with you again. ” Me too, Jerome!


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