I take your picture, you get jobs.

Kit Wallace

I had a wonderful headshot session with Kit, a young woman with brilliant blue eyes and gorgeous red hair. She has a beautiful, wide smile but she also has an intensity about her. Here, we were going for a more dramatic look. I shoot in natural light but I often use a backdrop that mimics the outdoors. That way, I can control the light as much as possible (on this day, we had overcast skies… easy to tame, at least much easier than harsh sunlight). This backdrop was custom made for me using a picture of a wall I shot in New Orleans a few years ago. So if you’re getting a headshot from me in L.A., it may very well be an LA background.

I lit the left side of her face with a silver reflector and had negative fill on her right to add a little dimension. Otherwise, in the cloud cover, it would have all been flat lighting without any shape. The silver reflector also gives a little sparkle to her eyes, which is absolutely what you want when you’re shooting headshots. And of course I shot at F4 with a 70-200mm lens with the focus on the eye closest to me. It drops everything else out into a suitably dreamy blur.

Kit hasn’t even had a chance to pick out the images she wants retouched but I sent her all of them to choose from and included this retouched one. I heard back from her the same week. “Oh My Goodness you are so wonderful! You book me jobs!” Kit has already gotten work from that image. Yes!


One response

  1. Kit


    You are a truly amazing photographer and wonderful person.

    Thank you again!

    All the best,

    Kit Wallace

    August 17, 2011 at 6:38 pm

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